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Domenic has over 5,109 Buyers in his database. 

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*Seller and Domenic Manchisi must agree on price and closing date.

  • Domenic GUARANTEE's, in writing, that your home will sell at a Price Acceptable to You or Domenic will Buy It!* No Gimmicks.

  • Your Home Will Sell For Up To 3.8% More – Domenic sells home for 3.8% more than their competitors. On a sale price of $500,000 that’s an extra $19,000 right in your pocket!

  • Your Home Will Sell 74% Faster – Domenic Manchisi on average sold homes in 6 days on the market while the average agent took 21 days!

  •  Domenic has the Buyers . . . Domenic has over 5,109 Buyers in his database. Domenic may already have a Buyer for Your Home Right Now!

  • Your Home is More Likely to Sell with Domenic... 99.9% of Domenic's homes sell!

  • Your Home is More Likely to Sell With Domenic as the average agent sells 6 homes per year and Domenic averages over 100 homes per year. What does this mean? Domenic has negotiated and sold over 2200 homes in his career....Domenic's experience is your GAIN.

While every agent will promise to sell your home...Domenic GUARANTEES IT
Information & Statistics is from a third party audit by IMS Incorporated for January/February 2017 (Milton & Halton Hills) Total sales of all areas 2016

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